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HOYA Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

HOYA Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. The company is committed to the promotion of high-quality functional jelly at home and abroad, and hopes to improve the quality and output of the products to meet the requirements of customers and consumers. HOYA Biotechnology Co., Ltd. adheres to the original intention of starting a business, provides the spirit of safe and healthy food and innovative services, and operates step by step. It is expected to provide consumers with safe and secure food in the business activities of the company. Block land can contribute! Do a good job of corporate responsibility.

‪Company business philosophy

Business philosophy

  • Natural health

    carefully select natural materials, present true flavor.

  • Safety and health

    we hope that we have our intentions.

  • Innovative services

    allowing consumers to buy peace of mind.

  • Integrity and practicality

     let consumers edible with confidence.


Modern people are unable to take care of their health because they are busy. The company adheres to the principles of health, safety, legality, integrity, and high-quality team, breaking through the tradition, combining healthy foods with biological extraction technology to select patent materials from various countries, and researching healthy health foods. Mainly based on functional jelly , we have a professional R & D team, the product is made of aseptic space.
In addition to improving quality, the nutritional value of the material has been consistently recognized and trusted in related fields.
Bringing the global non-toxic and harmless healthy food concept as a starting point, developing diversified products in the same field, and promoting.
Health is the goal, and sustainable management, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of benefiting the people with the concept of combining modern technology and healthy food. In the new generation of the 21st century, the company adopts a cautious and rigorous attitude, uses the latest technology to extract high-quality materials, provides modern people with a new concept of health and safety, and provides health and safety products to the public with quality first and professional services. Create a healthy, precious and priceless future. Operating in an honest, steady, professional and responsible manner, adopting consistent operation, comprehensive improvement of quality and efficiency, the company's products have passed ISO22000, HACCP, NSF and other verifications, so that customers can feel at ease! The customer's difficulties are regarded as the driving force for the company's progress. The goal.