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New packaging in 2019

Recently, we have found that some people in the market sell HOYA magic frozen-extraordinary fake seaweed frozen counterfeit goods. This behavior has infringed the copyright law and trademark patents, and will endanger the quality and safety of consumers' food safety and seriously infringe the rights and interests of the company. The company has taken corresponding legal actions against counterfeit goods. If consumers have purchased products similar to the company, please contact us. In order to eliminate counterfeit goods, the last batch was only sold until December 2018.

In 2019, the new packaging adds the Crown Magic Frozen Logo for everyone to recognize. Don't buy the wrong one! !
The company team and the R&D department spent a lot of time modifying the new formula in order to pursue better quality.
Absolutely not let everyone down! Guaranteed to contain no Western medicine ingredients, all in line with national excellent food certification!!